F-Annual Ryegrass

Disease Resistant Forage Annual Ryegrass Varieties Ideal for Overseeding and Grazing Livestock

Lolium multiflorum
An annual cool-season bunchgrass used for temporary pasture, cover crop, erosion control, or overseeding warm-season grasses. High production can be expected in the Southern US from November to May. Annual ryegrass tolerates close, continuous grazing extremely well.

  • Improved disease resistance
  • Quick¬† to establish
  • Rapid regrowth
  • Exceptional grazing tolerance
  • Excellent digestibility
  • Improved cold tolerance
  • Improved rust resistance
  • Great seedling vigor
  • Quick establishment
  • Excellent digestibility
  • High-yielding
  • Ideal for grazing

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*Not recommended for horse pastures as ryegrasses are higher in fructans, which some studies have shown can lead to laminitis.