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The Importance of Genetic Diversity

According to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, 12,000 years ago a mass extinction event created a bottleneck effect on the genome of cheetahs. Only a handful of cheetahs survived, and their interbred genetics have caused weaknesses in the world’s remaining population. The lack of genetic diversity in cheetahs has caused them to be endangered. Similar to the animal genome, plants need diverse genetics to fight weather events and disease.

Some seed mixtures have been known to be so similar in genetics that one event could wipe out a whole turf field. But not at GO Seed. We conduct research and breed new varieties to ensure each of our varieties are diverse from one another. This, as well as breeding for specific traits, protects our products against traditional challenges for turf such as saline soils, overly sunny or shady areas, common diseases, and density issues.

GO Seed has created genetically designed turf varieties that can be combined into blends and mixtures to protect against problem events. Our varieties are derived from genetics collected and licensed around the world. We conduct years of research to bring the best seeds to the market, including testing our products in multiple locations, university trials, and with well-respected farmers from around the United States. By studying genetic diversity, we can provide novel solutions for growing concerns.