Don’t Wait for Rain

November 1, 2013
Don Baune
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If you want to plant pasture grass seed this fall, don’t wait for the rain. Mother Nature does not wait. When plants reach maturity naturally they will drop their seed regardless of whether there is moisture or not. When it’s time to plant, plant the seed. The seeds will sit in the soil until it rains, and then the grass will germinate. Waiting for rain only delays your planting time and can lower your chances of establishing a strong grass stand before winter.

Plant by mid-September  and drill the seed into the soil. The dead residue from old plants slows soil erosion and speeds rain intake.Before planting, calibrate your drills to the right planting depth. Start planting, but stop and double check to make sure the seeds are planted shallow enough. Do not plant most forage seed deeper than ¼ to ½ inch deep.