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High-Yielding Cover Crop & Highly Nutritious Forage

Q Medium Red Clover

Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) is a common genus of plant all across the United States, making it a great option as a cover crop or forage.

As a cover crop, it can fix nitrogen, provide weed suppression, and improve your overall soil health.

As a forage, it improves productivity and reduces input costs, important goals for every livestock farmer.

Red Clover provides a flexible feeding option that delivers excellent nutritional requirements for different types of stock.

  • 2-4,D Herbicide Tolerant
  • Early Maturity
  • Superior Yield
  • Highly Palatable
  • Very Nutritious
  • Great Performance in Pasture
  • Suitable for Silage
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  • Improved Disease Resistance
  • Early Spring Growth
  • Quick Regrowth
  • Excellent Drought Tolerance
  • High Yields & Highly Palatable
  • Mines Nutrients Using a Deep Taproot
  • Improved Cold Tolerance