Perennial Ryegrass Varieties Provide Outstanding Turf Quality and Color

Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne), one of the most rapid establishing cool season grasses available, gives a quick green color to any turf situation. It will grow in a variety of soil types and conditions, making it widely adaptable. From combating erosion on hillsides to home lawns, perennial ryegrass’ ability to establish quickly and form a dense turf will reduce weed competition. Additionally, perennial ryegrass is tolerant of high traffic, making it the right choice for sports fields, school grounds, parks and golf courses.

  • Dark Green Color
  • Great Ground Coverage
  • Excellent Resistance to Pythium Blight
  • Outstanding Turf Quality
  • Resistant to Dollar Spot
  • Strong Summer Color
  • Good Drought Tolerance
  • Steady, Progressive Establishment
  • Outstanding Turf Quality

  • Excellent Wear Tolerance
  • Early Spring Green Up
  • Great Seedling Vigor
  • Outstanding Turfgrass Quality
  • Good Drought Tolerance
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  • Superior Traffic Tolerance
  • Great Disease Resistance
  • Wonderful Genetic Color
  • High Salt Tolerance
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  • Great For Golf Course Overseeding
  • Excellent Seedling Vigor
  • Rich Green Color
cayman perennial ryegrass
  • Great Density 
  • Good Spring Green Up
  • Quick Recovery
  • Strong Drought Tolerance