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Top Rated Turf Varieties

We claimed 4 of the top 5 spots in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) 2020 quality ratings! The first time ever for a single company.
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Quality forage for your livestock.

Quality forages are an integral part of a profitable livestock operation; from planting to grazing and harvesting to market-ready animal product. We understand the importance of a productive and flourishing forage stand, no matter the climate or soil type.
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Cover crops for the future.

Providing effective solutions doesn't happen overnight. The solutions we offer today have taken years to develop. We continue to anticipate the changes of the future. We're working diligently to ensure you have the most reliable cover crop tools at your disposal.
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Go Seed, Inc. functions as a breeder, producer, and provider of a wide range of seed products and knowledge. While we develop many of our product lines in house, we also access some of the finest research and development programs around the world. On our farm we evaluate more than 4,000 unique lines of multiple species annually. Many of these species have never been commercialized.

We also test our varieties in diverse climates around the world. We’ve partnered with firms in Australia, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, and other nations so we can provide you with the best solutions the world has to offer. At Go Seed, we promise we will continue to search the world over to provide you Novel Solutions for Growing Concerns.


When it comes to finding the right product for your turf needs, it is important to look for qualities that address your specific climate, environment, use, and soil type. There is one quality, however, that must remain consistent no matter what the application is; your turf must be dependable. Turf is susceptible to an array of diseases such as rust, dollar spot, and pythium blight. Diseases like these can destroy an entire lawn. An excellent turf will not only be resistant to such diseases, it will have a quick recovery from wear and injury. At Go Seed, we search internationally for the best turf genetics. We then vigorously test our turf to make sure we deliver only the best to our customers: turf that will provide them a lead in the market, ahead of their competitors.


Quality forages are an integral part of a profitable livestock operation; from planting to harvesting and grazing to healthier animals. We understand the importance of a productive and flourishing forage stand, no matter the climate or soil type. For this reason, Go Seed has worked on improving forages through broad breeding programs. By thinking outside the box, we strive to develop that unique piece that will complete your puzzle. We are constantly selecting for varieties that include such traits as high nutrient density and yield, palatability, drought tolerance, persistence, adaptability, low maintenance, and tolerance to low fertility soils. Each variety is created according to the needs of our customers and carefully fits into the bigger picture.

Vineyards are more than just a good bottle of wine; they are stewards of the Earth.


The adoption of cover crops is steadily increasing throughout the United States. Many industry experts see cover cropping as the way of the future. Conservationists point to cover crops as a necessary evolution in protecting soil and improving water quality. Leaving the soil undisturbed and keeping plant life growing for as many days out of the year as possible restores the natural cycles of the soil. Residue and roots create organic material in the soil, which serves as food to soil organisms. These organisms increase biological processes, which facilitate nutrient recycling and decrease nutrient loss caused by runoff.
Go Seed, along with our global network of breeders and leading university researchers, are providing novel solutions for today’s growing concerns. We are bringing new species and varieties to the forefront, along with the information and education you need to position yourself as a leader in your field–today, tomorrow, and for decades to come.