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Researcher Collaboration


GO Seed is interested in working with academic collaborators who have research questions that are designed to overcome production challenges using plant, animal, soil, and microbial based solutions. Here’s how to proceed:

For letters of support, simply send the very short application which includes a summary of the research a minimum of two weeks before the submission deadline. Email heading should read: Letter of Support Request – (last name)

For seed requests, the application is required a minimum of one month before seed is needed. Please fill out the application which includes a data sharing agreement. If there is a reason that signing the agreement is problematic, please call Dr. Shannon Cappellazzi to discuss. Review the data management plan. Please look through the data management spreadsheet. (links below)

For collaborative research projects, applications are required a minimum of two months before seeds are to be planted. The objectives, methods, and analyses will be discussed and potentially edited with the GO Seed research team prior to approval. Funds can be requested to support projects that we collaborate on. (links below)

Step 1: Complete the Agreement.

Step 2: Complete the Project Summary to share your research idea and the Seed Request Form

Step 3: E-mail completed forms to GO Seed’s Director of Research, Dr. Shannon Cappellazzi.

Step 4: Please be patient as Dr. Cappellazzi reviews your proposal. You should expect to hear from Shannon within a week of submitting your Project Summary!

Let’s GO Collaborate!