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We work with nature to introduce novel solutions for the growing concerns of producers and consumers.

GO Seed was founded on the belief that we could do better. We listen to those involved in agriculture and hear their grievances, issues, and struggles. It is our mission to look at these problems differently and create solutions that will benefit the seed industry, the consumer, and the Earth. We are determined to deliver “Novel Solutions for Growing Concerns.”

We are focused on delivering solutions for the present and the future.

GO Seed has developed the world’s leading nitrogen-fixing cover crop product line. Every year, farmers utilizing our cover crop products can reduce the use of tens of millions of pounds of synthetic nitrogen. The farmers benefit by reducing their input costs and the Earth benefits from the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

GO Seed forage products optimize the performance of animals to which they are fed. We have made advancements to the nutritional qualities to improve the utilization of the forage itself. By enabling livestock to get more from the forage we see a reduction in nitrogen, ammonia, and methane emissions. As a result, livestock can deliver more meat or milk while reducing their climate hoofprint.

GO Seed is committed to producing elite turf varieties. We swept the top three places in the Kentucky Bluegrass NTEP trial in 2019, 2020, and 2021. We are developing turfgrass that features reduced mowing frequency requirements, saving the homeowner time while reducing the carbon emissions of a growing lawn.

We are determined to continue to lead the seed industry forward.

GO Seed believes in hiring the best and brightest and empowering them to be agents of change.

Our employees are enthusiastic because they see the impact that they can make on the planet by working together to find novel solutions. Our staff serve on many boards and in leadership positions to provide support to better the entire industry.

Our research is actively investigating plant – soil – microbial interactions. For far too long our industry has ignored the activity taking place below the surface of the soil. While challenging to study, it is vital if we hope to create more resilient products and positively impact the environment. We willingly share the knowledge we learn with others in the hope that together the entire industry can make giant strides forward.

We are thankful.

We are truly thankful for the trust that you put in GO Seed. Your continued support makes it possible to do everything that we do.

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What We're Working On?

Currently we are trialing species/varieties on six continents across several diverse climates to solve climate change and build a more sustainable world.

Cover Crops

GO Research Do Roots Follow Roots

Active Research Projects

We are testing 5 different cover cropping options to determine which, if any, can fix either of two major soil challenges, compaction, or a zone of low pH.


enhance Persian clover

New Clover Varieties In Testing

eNhance Persian Clover is the latest addition to GO Seed’s portfolio of cold-tolerant annual clovers. eNhance is notable for a root development speed similar to that of daikon radish, making it suitable for sandier soils.


Western Seed Association

GO Seed Sweeps the NTEP

To say we were excited when we saw that we had 4 of the top 5 varieties in the recent NTEP would be an understatement. Our only regret was that we hadn’t entered a fifth entry from our breeding program.

Meet Our Team

We are passionate about seed. Together we have over 200 years of combined experience in agriculture.
Jerry Hall Go Seed

Jerry Hall

Don Baune GO Seed

Don Baune

Risa DeMasi GO Seed

Risa DeMasi

Dr. Shannon Cappellazzi Go Seed

Dr. Shannon Cappellazzi

Director of Research
Phill Lindgren Go Seed

Phill Lindgren

Logistics Manager
Brent Jones Go Seed

Brent Jones

Research Manager & Sales, Iowa
Nate Kaser Go Seed

Nate Kaser

Field Representative
Billie Bristow Go Seed

Billie Bristow

Administrative Assistant
Trent Tate Plant breeder

Dr. Trent Tate

Plant Breeder
Cher Gillson GO Seed

Cher Gillson

Sales & Marketing
Jack Pieper GO Seed

Jack Pieper

Research Agronomist

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