Tall Fescue Varieties Provide Dense, Low Growing Turf

Festuca arundinacea
With its deep root system, dark green color, and finer leaf, tall fescues are the ideal turf for many locations. Unlike its counterpart forage tall fescue this new generation of tall fescues perform extremely well from the transition zone (Mid-United States) up into the North. Our tall fescues will work great in home lawns, sports fields, commercial turf areas, and golf course roughs.

  • Excellent performance on saline soils
  • High density
  • Distinguished leaf texture
  • Low growth habit
  • Exceptional dark green color
  • Deep green color
  • Solid density for year-round high performing turf
  • Stands up strong in the heat and humidity
  • Excellent traffic recovery
  • Great fall color
  • Top NTEP performer in the southeast region
  • Slow growth rate
  • Great resistance to brown patch
  • Strong performance in the Southeast
  • Extreme dark color
  • Rapid establishment crowds out competition
  • Solid under traffic
  • Early spring green up to help endure the heat of summer
  • Rapid establishing for better weed suppression
  • A top performer in VA/MD evaluations

Need a self-sustaining, low-maintenance  turfgrass?

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