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High Quality Protein, Digestibility, and Cold-Tolerance Legumes

Clovers are a popular legume, they produce an abundant crop, fix nitrogen, and grow in a wide range of soils and climates. They are palatable, high in protein and nutritious forage for livestock and wildlife, and they work for either pasture or green manure.
FIXatioN Balansa Clover

Late Maturing ∙ Extremely High Nitrogen Fixation ∙ Yields Up To 5,250 Lbs In A Single Cutting ∙ Stems Up To 10 Ft Long ∙ Crude Protein Of 22% to 28.4% ∙ Relative Feed Values As High As 277

Frosty Berseem Clover

Late Maturing ∙ Non-Bloating ∙ Supports Multiple Cuttings/Grazings ∙ Excellent Regrowth ∙ Crude Protein Of 16.5% To 22.1% ∙ Relative Feed Values As High As 182

Kentucky Pride Crimson Clover

Outstanding Cold Tolerance ∙ Late Maturity ∙ Increased Forage Yields ∙ Excellent In Pollinator Mixes ∙ Excellent Growth

Domino White Clover

Highly Winter Active ∙ Exceptional Disease Resistance ∙ High Nitrogen Fixation ∙ Excellent Persistence ∙ Very Palatable ∙ Large-Leaved

Dynamite Red Clover

Nitrogen Fixation ∙ Weed Suppression ∙ Erosion Control ∙ Nutrient Recycling ∙ Quick Growth ∙ Forage Enhancement ∙ Compaction Management ∙ Drought Tolerant

AberLasting Clover

Nitrogen Fixation ∙ Weed Suppression ∙ Water Management ∙ Nutrient Recycling ∙ Quick Growth ∙ Forage Enhancement ∙ Cold Tolerant ∙ Persistent Stolon Root System

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