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Providing More Rotational Options To Unlock Your Soil's Profit Potential

We’ve developed more cover crop species than all our competitors combined – each has been bred to help stabilize and enhance the soil, reduce water run-off, and make our growers more profitable.

Focused On Our Farmers Future

Research is the cornerstone of our company; research into seed solutions for tomorrow’s farms, ranches, and public spaces. That’s how we’re able to identify and address needs well ahead of our competitors, because when mother nature does the work, farmers save time and money.

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Meet Your Soil Health Team

Increase your farm's profitability with a soil science team working with nature to increase your farm's profitability.


Dr. Shannon Cappellazzi

Integrated Soil Health Scientist

Dr. Cappellazzi is one of the country's most highly respected scientists in the field of soil health analysis. She understands the impact of products and soil management systems on yields and healthy ecosystems. She's eager to listen to producer's challenges to help them overcome them through rigorous scientific methodologies.

Trent Tate

Dr. Trent Tate

Cool and Warm Season Plant Breeder

Dr. Tate is a distinguished plant breeder in both cool-season and warm-season grasses from Rutgers' nationally recognized research program. As part of our progressive research team, he's helping to develop new varieties to deliver novel solutions for growing concerns.

Nate Kaser

Trusted Field Advisor

Nate works alongside the soil health team to develop crop rotations that maximize your soil's potential. Nate provides grower support and seed delivery for planting and harvesting GO products.

More Than Just a Seed Crop

FIXatioN Balansa Clover is so competitive, it virtually chokes out any weeds
Mike Coon
Mike Coon
Oak Park Farms

Farmer to Farmer: Benefits of Growing FIXatioN Balansa Clover

Seed grower, Mike Coon of Oak Park Farm in Shedd, Oregon, talks about the benefits of growing for GO Seed

The Coons were impressed with FIXatioN’s ability to suppress weeds and grow in well-drained and water-logged soils. Cover crops like FIXatioN Balansa Clover can also be an important source of nutrients for subsequent crop rotations.

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