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Jail Break!

June 22, 2017
Don Baune
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After days of stretching the fence, these cows finally broke out of their pasture and rapidly walked across an alfalfa field to get into a FIXatioN Balansa clover block. The FIXatioN was planted in the middle of the alfalfa field as an observation trial. According to the farmer in Ohio who sent us the picture, not once did the cows stop or put their head down to take a bite of alfalfa as they made their way to the FIXatioN. He tried a few times to get them out of the plot but they would not move until they had their fill. Only then was he finally able to get them back across the alfalfa and into the newly repaired fence.

Livestock love FIXatioN for its outstanding palatability. It is an ideal forage because of its lush growth and high yields. With FIXatioN’s high crude protein

levels and relative feed value, you will see improved gains and healthier animals. It makes sense to add FIXatioN to your pasture mixes.

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Don Baune
Co-Founder, Partner, Sales for North America
Find Don on Twitter! @GrasslandRoscoe

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