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Managing for Trophy Bucks

October 11, 2017
Jerry Hall
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Trophy Deer

Nobody hopes to bag a small deer. Hunters scout for the ideal spot. They strategize as to what food plot mix to plant to hunt over and spend hours looking over gear. Everybody knows that what you get out of something is directly related to the time, money, and energy that you put into it.

So, let’s talk about food plots. If you’re focused entirely on “hunt over” plots you are missing the mark when it comes to growing bigger deer. Hunters wanting big deer know that you need to also provide high energy forage in the Spring. This is the time frame needed to grow big fawns and big racks.

To learn more, check out our latest brochure, “Managing Trophy Bucks

If the video is more your style, check out the brief infomercial that our crack marketing team put together. “Growing Bigger Deer” is a quick way to get the message out on how FIXatioN Balansa Clover goes beyond a “hunt over” component of a food plot. Big fawns grow up to be big deer and nutrition is the key!

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