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Spring Turf Tips

April 14, 2017
GO Seed
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National Lawn Care

Now that Spring has sprung, we’ve got the spring turf tips to keep your lawn in top shape!

Clean up gently after winter. 

Avoid heavy yard work until after the soil has dried out. Foot traffic and hard raking can compact or disturb soggy soil and damage tender, spring grass shoots.

Find out if you have soil problems. 

Now is a great time to conduct a soil test to find out if your soil needs any attention. Early spring can be a great time to apply lime if you’ll be planting new grass later this year.

Attack the weeds. 

Spring is the best time to prevent weeds by using pre-emergent weed control, which works to prevent the weed seeds from germinating. Local circumstances vary so check the label for application date and control.

Feed the lawn. 

DO NOT over-fertilize in the spring. If your lawn is in bad shape, fertilize lightly with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer.

Lastly, use the proper tool for the job.

Sharpen the blade and tune up your lawn mower as well as other lawn equipment. A little extra work this spring will make the rest of the year a breeze.

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