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Super Silage with FIXatioN Clover

September 22, 2017
Risa Demasi
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Super Silage

Don and I went to visit a local farmer who was chopping FIXatioN silage last night…  

Don and I visit a local farmer

He was a little late getting it cut (flowering), but that’s real life on the farm sometimes, and he’s pretty excited about what he’s seeing.

He said if he were taking it for hay he thought he’d get at least 7-8 tons of dry matter per acre, and promised to let us know what the actual silage yield was when he was done.

silage yield

You should hear the sound of the stems ‘popping’ when you walk across them – sounds like Rice Krispies! Snap-Crackle-Pop!!!


Click here if you’d like to listen to the audio file.


Talk about weed suppression! He said it completely choked out the Poa Annua – he’d never seen anything like it.

Poa Annua

Once they started chopping, they quickly realized it was too wet. Clogging up the equipment isn’t fun, so they’re going to let it dry for another couple of days.

chopping equipment

They promised to call so we can go back and take more photos – Stay tuned!

Super Silage team

So…I followed up with Christopher recently to see how the FIXatioN silage was working out. Given the photos above you might not be surprised to learn that they harvested over 20 tons per acre of juicy silage!

They’ve been feeding the silage to their cows with a great response – according to Christopher, they’re milking really well!

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