Dr. Shannon Cappellazzi

Director of Research

Dr. Shannon Cappellazzi is the former Soil Health Institute’s Lead Scientist for the North American Project to Evaluate Soil Health Measurements. Growing up in Oregon and having three degrees from Oregon State University, she has her roots in this community and a strong connection to her cattle ranching background.

Shannon is one of the country’s most highly respected scientists in the field of soil health analysis. With years of experience managing the Central Analytical Laboratory at OSU she has an intimate knowledge of the methods used in soil biological, chemical, and physical analysis that are used to answer questions related to soil-plant-microbial interactions. Her expertise, natural curiosity, and wide network within the agricultural research community will aid in GO Seed’s quest to understand more about the impact of products and soil management systems on yields and healthy ecosystems.

While she credits her work at SHI with expanding how she thinks about measuring soil’s capacity to support vital functions like water filtration and storage, nutrient cycling, carbon storage and erosion resistance, she is looking forward to applying this understanding to help grow the number of acres planted to cover crops and perennial cropping systems.