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Clear Vision

February 5, 2019
GO Seed
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clear vision

Twenty years ago, the future of American agriculture was at a tipping point. Decades of pushing land to its limits as new technologies and research shaped the industry were starting to leave their mark. Precious natural resources were used without future concern, high levels of chemical inputs were used to control weeds and boost yields, and the natural productivity of land was in decline from poor practice. With yield placed as the sole focus, the industry was achieving agricultural production milestones – yet it wasn’t environmentally or financially sustainable.

A need to listen 

Behind the scenes was a need for management influencers and service providers to communicate, collaborate and listen to producers. Management practices were compartmentalizing different pieces of the system, rather than managing everything together as a whole – decreasing profits due to increased input costs.

A clear vision for today

Amid this critical point in time, we began our journey as GO Seed with a clear vision to listen to what the industry needed for today and for the future, and then to develop it. Our ongoing mission has been to reconnect the compartmentalized pieces of agriculture by breeding quality turf, forage, and cover crop varieties that add value to all segments of production systems – above and below ground.

This means breeding turf grass durable enough for high-traffic sports fields, with ground cover and disease-resistant traits to reduce water, fertilizer, and herbicide use. Developing forage varieties with high sugar levels to improve livestock efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. Most recently, producing cover crop varieties that work with nature to increase productivity by acting as pest control while improving soil structure and fixing significant amounts of nitrogen back into the ground.

A clear vision for tomorrow

From observation and discovery to commercial availability, it can take 12-15 years to bring a variety to market. Politically, socially, and environmentally, a lot of things will change – including what tools are needed to overcome challenges.

Twenty years ago, GO Seed recognized a need in the agricultural industry to listen to the needs of producers and to provide solutions for a sustainable future – which is more important than ever. By listening to producers, communicating with industry stakeholders, and continual research, GO Seed will still be providing novel solutions for growing concerns to solve the challenges of the future 20 years from now.

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