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New Clover Varieties In Testing

November 19, 2022
GO Seed
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eNhance Persian Clover

eNhance Persian Clover

eNhance Persian Clover is the latest addition to GO Seed’s portfolio of cold-tolerant annual clovers. eNhance is notable for a root development speed similar to that of daikon radish, making it suitable for sandier soils.

eNhance’s impressive seedling vigor allows it to establish at a similar rate to cereal rye (see photos to the left). This makes it the ideal choice for mixtures with cereal rye as it will
balance the C:N ratio and help reduce the yield drag in corn when following a cereal rye cover crop.

eNhance has been shown to be cold tolerant to temperatures as low as –15 degrees Fahrenheit.

medium red clover

Q medium red clover was licensed to GO Seed by the Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc. a direct support organization of the University of Florida. The original experimental designation was FL24D, as it was the first variety to feature tolerance to the broadleaf herbicide 2-4,D. This variety was selected thru traditional plant breeding and was not genetically modified in any way. This tolerance makes Q the ideal choice
for utilizing in pastures with grasses.

Q is an early maturing variety that features excellent biomass production throughout the year. The range of adaptation is the transition, and southeast zones of the United States of America and similar climates

Clover varieties
Figure 1. Response of Q (experimental designation FL24D) and Southern Belle (SB) to 2,4-D. A) Control Treatment (No Spraying); B) Spraying with recommended rate of 2,4-D (x=1.06 kg ha). Herbicide applied on Jan. 16, 2013 and photo taken on March 28, 2013.
jumbo summer rape
giraffe marrow stem kale


Turnip Hybrid

Turnip Hybrid
Turnip Hybrid
Turnip Hybrid


Commodity Classic 2024

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