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December 9, 2023
GO Seed
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Commodity Classic 2024

Dude, Where’s My “N”?

How much nitrogen from your legume cover crop was made available to your cash crop, and when? Soil detective and scientist, Dr. Shannon Cappellazzi is on a mission to find out!

From the Fields

Nestled between the Cascade Mountains and the Oregon Coastal Range, the Willamette Valley has long been revered for its fertile soil and temperate climate, creating an ideal environment for seed production. However, climate instability over the past few years has been challenging for agriculture in the valley from seed production to vineyards, to graziers.

This fall was a nice reprieve from the previous years of unusual weather conditions. Moderate temperatures, ample sunshine, and intermittent showers offered a nurturing atmosphere for seeds germinating and establishing sturdy root systems. As you can see, this year’s fall-planted clovers are far ahead of where they were in the spring of the last crop.

As the season transitions to winter, the upcoming months pose potential risks. The increased moisture and slightly warmer temperatures could attract slugs, posing a risk to emerging plants. Additionally, voles, seeking food and shelter, might put pressure on the crops.

Despite these potential challenges, the fields are bright with green growing plants and fall planted crops are already far ahead of where they were this time last year. As of now, production is on track for an excellent 2024 seed crop.

In the Greenhouse with Dr. Trent Tate

GO Seed plant breeder, Dr. Trent Tate, tells us what’s happening in the GO Seed Greenhouse!

Will you be attending Commodity Classic?

GO Seed will once again be attending Commodity Classic! If you’re interested in joining us for farmer led discussions on cover crops with GO Seed Director of Research and soil scientist, Dr. Shannon Cappellazzi, please email Cher Gillson by clicking the button below!

Commodity Classic 2024

We hope you’ll come by our exhibit space and chat with the team, at space 2803!

From the Archives

Illinois corn and soybean farmer David Holste shares his insight from planting green for the last 8 years.

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