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Memphis Tall Fescue

memphis turf

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Memphis Tall Fescue, a Rapid Establishing Turf

Memphis (GO-DFR) tall fescue was selected for its strong performance in the Southeast region and extreme dark color. Rapid establishment helps crowd out competition, and its solid spring performance gives it the needed start to be strong though out the summer when you need it most. Memphis, the next HOT thing in tall fescue.

  • Strong performance in the Southeast
  • Rapid establishment crowds out competition
  • Solid under traffic
  • Extreme dark color
Traffic Tolerance that Tops the Charts!
Planting Info:tri-sport-earl-slack Tall fescue in general should be seeded at 6 to 8 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. or 350 pounds per acre. Cover seed with no more than .25 inches of soil, taking care to establish good seed to soil contact. If possible, roll the planting area. Keep seeds moist throughout the establishment period — 28 to 32 days after planting or when grass blades reach about 3 inches. Optimum mowing height is 2 inches, but it can be mown higher or lower based on your maintenance practices. Turf should be ready for use in about 6 to 8 weeks. Low to moderate fertility should be applied throughout the year; 2-3 pounds of NPK appropriate for your growing area should be adequate.